Adjusting to more online orders & Thank you!

While we anticipated an increase in online orders due to the closure of our retail shoppe, looks like we didn’t anticipate just how much of an increase we would see! We are very thankful for the continued sales and that we can continue to provide you with our artisan chocolates and be a part of your traditions, especially during these unsure times.

We had a great time with two special promotions during the Easter/Passover/Spring season. For the first time ever, we held the Jelly Bean Contest online!  We think it was a lot of fun and brought some colorful lightheartedness to this time. What say you, shall we do it again next year?

We also made special Ivory Bunny truffles and ‘hid’ them in random boxes of chocolates. We’ve yet to hear from anyone who found one since it was likely only Easter Sunday (yesterday, as I write this) when you opened your chocolates! Even if you couldn’t resist and ate the truffle, no worries, just use the coupon code found under the winning bunny! If you have pics of you or someone finding it, we would love to see those exciting moments captured, too!