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*Important note about Warm-Weather Shipping:

Ah, Summer…long days, vacations, school’s out, beach, pool and backyard parties, warm weather, hot weather…screech(!)…chocolate loves to be a part of all those things except hot weather, even what we might consider warm weather is too much for our artisan chocolates sometimes!

What do we do about it? Well, a few things:
1) Protect your purchase with special insulated packaging and an ice gel pack to keep it in its comfort zone; thus, the requirement for the Warm-Weather Shipping Package
2) Quick Delivery: Shipping transit time must be 48 hours or less so that it arrives safely; thus, the requirement for Expedited Shipping

We realize that this can get expensive, but that is the nature of chocolate in the summer. Sometimes the expense is a valued indulgence, and sometimes waiting until cooler weather works just as well–we get it.
Please call us if you would like personalized assistance or advice about your particular situation, 508.228.5814.