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*Important note about Warm-Weather Shipping:

Ah, it’s fall in New England…but it’s still summer in most parts of the country. Now, for some that is cause for happiness; other folks eagerly await cooler fall weather. Artisan chocolates are of the latter camp–they like temps in the low 70s. Therefore, we are still including Warm-Weather Packaging in shipments outside New England, but we are watching closely and will remove this extra (but necessary) charge as soon as we can for your neck of the woods.

If you’re one of those people who want to know the details, here are the hows and whys:
1) Your purchase is protected with special insulated packaging and an ice gel pack to keep it in its comfort zone
2) Quick Delivery: Shipping transit time must be 48 hours or less so that it arrives while the ice is still cooling it (the ice pack is often melted by the time you open it; that’s okay so long as it has done its job of keeping your chocolates from melting!)

We realize this can get expensive, but that is the nature of chocolate in warm weather. Sometimes the expense is a valued indulgence, and sometimes waiting until cooler weather works just as well–we get it.
Please call us if you would like personalized assistance or advice about your particular situation, 508.228.5814.