Shipping Chocolates in warm weather requires special handling!

If you are shipping to a warm weather location (above 73 degrees F), please note that we only ship Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays, for arrival within 48 hours.

If the location is farther than two days regular shipping from Nantucket (everywhere outside New England), we require an upgrade to Expedited shipping to fulfill this schedule.

For most warm-weather packages, ice and insulation are also required ($5.95 charge) to protect the chocolates.

We realize this can get expensive, and regularly watch the weather to offer you the most economical shipping method. Please call if you would like us to check the weather at a specific location you believe to be cool enough for chocolate (generally below 74 degrees F), 508.228.5814.

Arrival Times

We are making our artisan chocolates daily, and sometimes it may take a few days before your order is ready to ship. Please consider this when placing your order and let us know if you have a specific needed arrival time. We will do our best to accommodate it, and alert you if we are unable to get it there in time.

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The estimated transit days from Nantucket Island (see map above), are in addition to time in preparing your artisan chocolates.